• Verification du matériel

    Nurse Eva vérifie son matériel, principalement l'anuscope.

    Verification du matériel

    Verification du matériel

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  • Commentaires

    Jeudi 28 Février 2019 à 09:20

    Great pictures and love your white scrubs and latex gloves and stethoscope, had that analscope before and it has a nice interesting feel but I loved it and my 2 nurses I play with gave me a very intense rectal examination with many tools and this was one of them!

      • Jeudi 28 Février 2019 à 09:38

        Do you have any pictures of your exams from your nurses?

        Ant would you like me to post some on our blog?

    Vendredi 1er Mars 2019 à 08:58

    Have pics but on our camera and need to get them uploaded, they our very private people so will ask them and get back to you on that...I do know one thing is they both have a amazing classic nurse uniforms and starch caps collection...kinda like yours. They told me they rather wear the dress before scrubs as it feels so much better..and they both our pediatric RN's.

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